Hypnobirthing is not like the stage hypnosis and won’t have you running round like a chicken…unless that’s how you choose to birth your baby. It’s a deep relaxation state, and we’ve all experienced it when we daydream or suddenly realise we’ve driven the last 5 miles with no recollection of how we got there.

Hypnobirthing is a form of Antenatal education, and I’m registered with Fedant, the Federation of Antenatal Educators. The Wise Hippo course teaches you so many things in addition to the hypnobirthing techniques because we’re all about making sure that no matter what happens in your labour, you feel empowered and enjoy it just like this lovely client.

Our baby arrived with something to say and was born at 21:55after only 4 hours labour! We had a couple of complications so had to go to hospital and sacrifice the majority of our original plan (home birth) but with our hypnobirthing practice, it helped us not to be scared and still be in our best mindsets. Did it solely on gas. Truly felt like a Warrior Goddess and despite not being my dream still loved my experience regardless of the difficulties we came across, we are so in love.



You and your birth partner will work together, listening to each other, to Mp3s and taking “trigger phrases” and actions (touches) to bring all of those subconscious suggestions you learn in the practice to the fore when you’re going through labour.

I had no idea HOW it would all work on the day but I know from experience that if you practice and listen to the MP3s and do the homework, then when you go into labour, everything you’ve learned kicks in, those trigger words your partner says really do help you remain in a calm state.

Helps you to train your subsconscious to relax and trust your body so when your body takes over during labour, your conscious mind can step out of the way comfortably even if you’re a control freak like me. And in fact if you are like me then you’ll probably enjoy the experience of NOT being in control if you practice as you’ll have learned to trust your body and your baby by then so feel much more comfortable letting it do its thing!

It also teaches the birth partner how to be your advocate – the person who speaks to the medical professionals for you on the day so you can get on with birthing. The practice you’ll do strengthens your bond so the trust is there to allow them to do that.

And if, like me, on the day you want to talk to your midwife directly and ask for her help, then you can – it’s all about whatever works for you. There’s no right or wrong, it’s not about having the PERFECT BIRTH PLAN an sticking to it, it’s all about educating and empowering you so no matter what happens you feel you’ve made the decisions and you can have a positive birth experience.

I want everyone to realise that you CAN ENJOY your labour.

To find out more about what hypnobirthing is buy the book.

To find out more about what hypnobirthing is buy the book.