From the wise hippo website: “A Wise Hippo teacher oozes passion for positive birth and are dedicated to making sure you achieve the right birth on the day. We become teachers for a very specific reason. Either we have had first-hand experience of a positive birth using the Wise Hippo techniques or we have seen others benefit from them. We are passionate about great antenatal education and we are bursting at the seams to share this life changing knowledge with you.

Wise Hippo Teachers have been trained to a very high standard and they will nurture you every step of the way.

Our role is to deliver The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme in a fun and comfortable learning environment so whether you choose to attend a private class or group class you can be sure that you will get exactly what you are looking for when you find your Wise Hippo teacher to support you.”

When you sign up with me you get:

4 x two hour sessions live and online with me. Either 121 or as part of a group.

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The Wise Hippo book

Consider this your manual. It helps you prepare for our classes, gives you great instructions, a QR code for you to access The Wise Hippo HUB (where all your MP3s are) and a practice diary.

The Wise Hippo HUB

The Wise Hippo HUB is a special area on the Wise Hippo website where you log into to access everything you need: MP3s to download and a great Wise Hippo video library to view.


The Wise Hippo materials

The Birth Videos

During your course I will share with you footage of women using these techniques. Don’t freak out – I too was scared to see this, I didn’t want to see full frontal, baby corwning either – and you won’t. The focus is very much on the mum and observing how she births with confidence, calm and even with laughter! It may be quite possible that you have never seen births like this before. You know what they say…..seeing is believing!

These births are powerful and will impact you in such a positive way throughout. We’ll probably all blub…me because I find it beautiful, you, because you will too AND you have all those hormones racing through you.

See how Belinda used her Wise Hippo techniques whilst birthing. Her midwife couldn’t believe her eyes and either could our founder.


Your Wise Hippo MP3s include

Cloak of Protection MP3

When you’re pregnant it can feel like you have a tattoo on your head inviting people to share their stories with you. This is a wonderful visualisation to use throughout your pregnancy to help you feel protected from these stories or those you may see on TV.

Cloak of Protection Image
Cloak of Protection Image 2

We know that whenever someone shares a difficult birth story with you or you watch a dramatized birth on TV or in the movies there is potential for the creation of fear which can cause a negative impact on your birthing experience.

This session will help you become more aware of your inner strengths, confidence, and skills, in fact anything that makes you feel powerful. The cloak is then able to protect you, shielding you from any negativity, causing it to bounce off of you and preventing negative messages about birth from impacting on you.


Relax with Nature MP3

Relax with Nature is the main mp3 that you will listen to. It introduces you to your ‘cottage by the sea’ and sets the scene for Cove of Confidence and Sea of Serenity. It works with colour and nature both of which are proven to promote emotional positivity. Positive suggestions are woven through the sessions to inspire confidence for birthing. Listening to this mp3 regularly helps to provide reassurance and will help you to focus on your baby’s birth in a positive way.

Relax with Nature Image
Bond and Breathe Image

Bond and Breathe MP3

Bond and Breathe is a lovely progressive relaxation with the added twist of teaching a useful technique for calming the mind and promoting comfort in the body.

This technique provides a great way to ensure that you are relaxed and calm between surges whilst birthing. It also provides a very quick way for your birth partner to bring you back into a deep state of relaxation should something upset you at any time.


Birth Partners Script

This script is taught in class so that your birth partner is able to support you with your Wise Hippo practice, bringing all the techniques that you have learnt together. This written script is in your Wise Hippo book as well and we recommend that you either practice this together or the birth partner records this for Mum as the key phrases the birth partner uses during labour will trigger the memories of this full script and aid in the hypnosis in labour.

Birth Partners Script Image
Cove of Confidence Image

Cove of Confidence MP3

The Cove of Confidence is a very gentle emotion release session. This session forms part of the fear and negative emotion release work that you will do in class, to ensure that there is no conflict for you, and you feel able to focus positively on your baby’s birth. This MP3 is designed to do exactly as it says….build your confidence!


Sea of Serenity MP3

This is the birth rehearsal session. As with the other sessions it has lots of suggestions about birth being a positive experience but this time with more of a focus on the labour itself and using the waves of the sea to link with the imagery used for breathing through your surges – “waves of relaxation”. Whilst any of the mp3s can be listened to whilst birthing…Sea of Serenity has been specifically written for this purpose.

Sea of Serenity Image
Birth Affirmations Image

Birth Affirmations MP3

This is one to listen to ALL THE TIME. It’s packed with positive birth affirmations and although they’re not actually a form of hypnosis, they are positive statements written in the present tense to help you practise new ways of thinking about birth. It helps get the conscious mind in sync with the aim of a positive birth experience and gives an alternative for any negative thinking.


MP3s for special circumstances

I have access to a range of special MP3s which are available to my Mums. These include:

  • Morning Sickness
  • Caesarean birth
  • Breech birth
  • Induction
  • Birthing Twins
  • Breastfeeding Help
MP3s for special circumstances Image

The Wise Hippo HUB (on Facebook)

A Facebook support group – a great place to meet others and gather further information regarding pregnancy, birth and parenthood.

Private Whatsapp Group

If you attend classes where we have more than one couple, you have a private Whatsapp group where it’s a safe space to share anything between us all.