So what do the NHS in Scotland say about Wise Hippo?

So what do the NHS in Scotland say about Hypnobirthing and The Wise Hippo?

Well… there is this page on the NHS Highland website which says “One of the techniques NHS Highland offers is the Wise Hippo birthing programme which uses self-hypnosis, relaxation and massage techniques to help take the fear and anxiety out of giving birth.”

I was there in 2016 on the day the NHS Highland midwives got their training – and my son was only a week old!  The training is now compulsory for midwives in Highland (according to a Grampian Midwife I met today)

Seeing all the midwives I’d just spent time with who had trained in this amazing antenatal method was fabulous and I feel so happy that the local midwives here in Scotland are really motoring forward with this and putting it as part of their birth planning work!  So this is the Highlands and I hope to make it part of my mission to help The Wise Hippo roll it out throughout Scotland so all expecting mums in Scotland know what they can achieve with a positive birth experience, regardless of the outcome!

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