As I mentioned on my About me page, I was petrified of dying in childbirth, so despite getting with my husband in 1997, marrying him in 2006, we put off having kids until 2015. The clock ticked basically and after a month of trying we fell pregnant with our first son. As soon as I found out I was expecting I called my local Wise Hippo teacher. Literally right after this picture was taken. I wanted the support ASAP. I didn’t know what hypnobirthing was, but I liked the idea of what I thought hypnobirthing was. After all I considered myself a hippy.

I quickly learned it’s not for hippies. It’s for anyone who wants to really feel in control during their pregnancy and labour, then trusting your body when the body takes over during active labour.

We used the tools we had learned in the classes in all our appointments with the consultants as (I had Gestational Diabetes). We listened to the lovely MP3s and bonded together during the pregnancy. I insisted my baby and body knew what to do and that I wanted to go into labour naturally and I did on the evening of 13th February 2016. I felt safest giving birth in the hospital as I live so far from it and that was fine – the Wise Hippo method teaches that as long as you feel you’ve made the decisions you can have the right birth on the day no matter how or where it is.


As soon as I arrived at the hospital, the midwife took one look at me and said “someone knows what they’re doing” and she supported me through an AMAZING labour, where I felt completely empowered, I knew my body was in the driving seat and I loved the feeling of going with it and not being in my head. Weird for me as I’m a control freak, but not being in control BUT TRUSTING my body to do it’s thing was so empowering.

I felt like I was a WARRIOR, I laughed with my husband, and even ENJOYED the entire labour process. I saw the soul of my baby jump into his body at the moment I gave birth to my lovely Valentine’s boy.

This was (chilled out and relaxed) me after my amazing labour. Yep there’s “kit” around me, but I didn’t notice it.

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I proudly announced to EVERYONE that “I LOVED MY LABOUR” and that I would gladly do that every single day of my life. And I knew I had to teach hypnobirthing to empower other women.

I was so desperate to help others that I trained in another hypnobirthing method locally but it never really felt as powerful as The Wise Hippo for me. However I taught it to a friend and this is her testimonial from that:

“We used Neen as our hypnobirthing teacher in the lead up to our daughter's birth in September, 2018. Neen is a very special person and her passion for hypnobirthing and positive birth shines out of her! She consistently made us feel relaxed, confident and excited about the arrival of our little girl. We would highly recommend Neen and her knowledge of hypnobirthing to anyone expecting a baby. She went above and beyond to answer our questions and ensure we were ready, and I can confidently say that we wouldn't have had such a beautiful birth experience without her Jess, Myrddin and Robyn“

What happened next?