Why should care about using a Hypnobirthing coach?  Why can’t I just use the Hypnobirthing MP3s on my own?

Why should I care about using a Hypnobirthing coach?  Why can’t I just use the Hypnobirthing MP3s on my own?

You may well have seen there are some programmes online which offer you hypnobirthing and you get a book and some MP3s to do yourself in your own time.  If you’re confident it can work for you that’s great (I just want people to feel empowered) and you may well be thinking why shouldn’t I just use the hypnobirthing MP3s on my own? They are often designed for you to use on your own, with little or no input from a real live person.

FYI – I refer to Dad as often I’m teaching a couple but there are times there’s a same sex couple or a single mum and I adjust all my classes for everyone.  But for the purposes of this blog I want to talk to you about the expectant dad.

The really short version is it’s the Dads.  The Dads get more involved when I’m teaching them and their expectant partner.

Seriously – here’s what my hubby said about Hypnobirthing from a Dad’s perspective and the importance of using a Hypnobirthing Coach.

Dads don’t realise they can have a vital role in the labour process – what they learn usually surprises them!

I’m not saying that for some people the “do it alone” courses don’t work because they do.  But for some parents (like me when I had my first) I didn’t have a scoobie doo what I was doing and I needed support and some guidance and i had NO idea what to expect from a birth or even a pregnancy.

Also, from chatting to my midwife friends, the one difference they have seen is that the partners aren’t as involved in the birth as those who have studied with a hypnobirthing coach.  They see how the mums feel supported and the dads feel involved and for them it’s really lovely to see that connection and involvement.

As a hypnobirthing coach I am not just helping the mums, but the dads and actually their whole bonding experience between them!

And I’ve also seen it first-hand with the lovely couples I’ve worked with. The dad comes to a class skeptical about all this “hippy nonsense” where the woman just smiles and pops out a baby whilst he watches and grabs food.  Nope…it’s not that…  Some dads ask “What the hell do I need to do, I’m just going to watch” (or not because the fear of watching is making him think twice about the classes at all – that’s where you need a free taster session to learn about what hypnobirthing actually is!

Dad before and after hypnobirthing

With classes, the expectant Dad learns that his role really can be important:

  • He realises he has a part to play in the appointments with the healthcare professionals (consultants and midwives) in the run up and on the day
  • He gets a sense of protectiveness (in the right way, not domineering but catering to his instinct to protect his family) as he helps his partner navigate the birth of their child
  • He feels involved in the pregnancy and birth
  • The time goes quicker on the day
  • He sees his partner in a new light – and witnesses the strength within her body
  • He bonds through doing the work alongside the mother
  • He has me as a third eye to help tune into where he needs the support.  As I tend to witness the partners together in the classes I can then help them to work through any specific sticking points they have. I have years of working with people to help them build confidence in different ways, and I apply all that knowledge here in the work that I do.
  • The two of you learn to communicate better about the pregnancy and birth so you know you both made decisions based on the right information that you had at the time.  

That’s what the right birth on the day means – regardless of what happens, if you’ve made the decisions based on the information you have then you can still feel empowered.   I’ve worked with women who wanted C sections, I’ve worked with mums who wanted homebirths and ended up going to hospital but still found it positive.

So if you’re not sure what your partner thinks of this idea of yours about doing hypnobirthing then join one of my taster classes.

This is me, your Hypnobirthing Coach!

This is me, your Hypnobirthing Coach!

Taster sessions are FREE OF CHARGE and you get £50 off the main course if you decide you like me and the Wise Hippo programme enough to move forward with it.

If you want to know my husband’s take on hypnobirthing then read this from a Dad’s perspective.

Also if you want to speak to Simon directly he’s happy to chat to you expectant dads!   Get him here on Facebook!


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