I’ve had two birth experiences, one using the Wise Hippo method and one without. Hypnobirthing helped me navigate the challenges of birthing in a rural environment (Moray and Aberdeenshire in Scotland) with the challenges of overstretched NHS staff and limited medical care locally.

The birth that didn’t use it with, I was the stereotypical screamer “give me all the drugs, I can’t do this anymore” yet I had the birthing pool and fairy lights I thought I wanted. The other birth - where I used the Wise Hippo method – was the most amazing experience of my life, one I’d gladly repeat every single day if I could. And that’s not hindsight, I felt that during the labour - the sheer primal nature of birthing and the empowerment it gave me were like nothing else on or off the Earth!

As a former control freak I loved that feeling of not having control and surrendering to my body, because I had the tools to help me to cope with what was happening and I had learned through the Wise Hippo practice we’d done to trust my body and my baby. And I just want you to feel that empowered and warrior like too!

Curveball: Believe it or not, it was the birth of my FIRST son where I used the Wise Hippo Birthing Method which has now been used by a number of celebrities too. You’d think I’d do the same for No. 2 but nope, I was complacent, didn’t practice and expected it to all just come back to me during labour but it didn’t and boy did I understand why people looked at me like I was mad when I went round telling them I loved my labour the first time round!


So you see I know how important it is to make sure you practice properly and to work with someone to help guide you and your birth partner and I know the huge difference doing Hypnobirthing could have on the process of labour and self-esteem afterwards.

By following an antenatal course like the Wise Hippo, you can move from Worrier to Warrior as you educate yourself, learn really valuable methods to help you feel in control and calm during your most primal experience ever. So it’s only right you feel like a Warrior Goddess during it!

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