BRAN vs BRAINS – So happy to see the NHS and Hypnobirthing coming together!


Why I am so happy to see the NHS and Hypnobirthing coming together!

Are you thinking eh?   And well you might as BRAN may be new to a lot of you.   So let me explain.

Recently I was in a virtual holding room waiting for an appointment with my counsellor.   Yes I have a counsellor assigned to me as it happens when I was first diagnosed with Postnatal depression (another blog in the making!)

As I waited in the virtual waiting room, up popped an image suggesting I remembered to use the “BRAN” analysis.

I smiled, and I am so happy to see the NHS and Hypnobirthing coming together! Because BRAN is VERY similar to something we teach in the Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing and I was so pleased to see it!  Ok enough of the vague acronyms let’s get to it!

What is BRAN?

BRAN is an acronym (each letter of the word stands for another word).   The message which popped up on my counselling call suggested I remember to ask what the:
Benefits are of any suggestions, what the Risks are, to ask about any Alternatives there are and then lastly what happens if I do Nothing.

I was heartened by the fact they had this at all, it shows the NHS is progressing into really trying to help people take accountability for their own healing (which is completely in line with what we teach at the Wise Hippo with birthing).   It’s there to make sure we all take a bit of responsibility for our own care and to undertake things with awareness of all the facts, and to ASK instead of blindly following what we’ve been told.

In fact more than heartened I was delighted with the NHS as a whole for making this so accessible and something they’re pushing for everyone in a mainstream way.  But also I realised that there’s a key difference in coaching expectant parents to use their BRAINS instead…

So let’s look at BRAN vs BRAINS

In my opinion, the instinct of a birthing mother is the strongest force on the planet (although some would argue we’re off the planet at the time but that’s another blog!)

BRAN vs BRAINS The NHS and Hypnobirthing coming together!

How do I know to tap into my Instinct?

In my opinion, the instinct of a birthing mother is the strongest force on the planet (although some would argue we’re off the planet at the time but that’s another blog!)

The instincts we’re inherently (naturally( tapping into during our pregnancy (and Dads this also applies to you as your hormones change too) are there for a reason.  They drive us, they’re based on thousands (if not millions) of years of ancestry, generations of women birthing babies.

Over those millions of births, women have honed incredibly strong instincts during pregnancy and labour. It’s completely  primal, birthing Warrior Goddess energy.

Back in caveman times it was all to do with fight or flight. Our ancestors learned to trust their instincts because if they didn’t…well, who knows what could have happened.

But for us, in our modern lives, our instincts are still there but those reactions are to different triggers. Instead of a Tiger there’s a well-meaning Mother in Law who just takes her opinions that BIT TOO FAR, or there’s the consultant who sucks in air and suggests you have a sweep so they know when to expect you in but for no medical reason (not always but sometimes)…

So by tapping into our instincts we are able to make choices based on how we feel, whether our gut feeling is a “yes” or a “no” and how that feels when combined with all the facts from the other questions we’ve asked.

If you’ve taken the time to learn about childbirth through a hypnobirthing course your instincts are supported by knowledge too and that is a winning combination.  Now look Dads yes this means you too, just look at how my hubby found hypnobirthing helped him to tap into his instincts.

In addition to this you should really make a point of practising your smile.

You’re doing it now aren’t you? Good. That makes me smile too!

Why should I smile?

  1. It helps to have a smile when talking to all healthcare professionals as it’s non-confrontational
  2. It means you’re more likely to build rapport with them whilst you ask those tricky questions
  3. It actually makes you feel more confident and better anyway
  4. You never know who is watching and who needs that
  5. It makes you seem more confident and knowledgable (come on we’ve all had that friend who can BS their way through ANYTHING because they smile!) We’re not asking you to BS, we’re asking you to just tap into that charisma that you have to make it work for you. Yes you do have charisma, if you didn’t you wouldn’t be expecting a baby!

So can you see whilst BRAN is great for us all, BRAINS are even better?

Why don’t you book a free information session with me today to find out more about how you can use your BRAINS?

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Also it may interest those of you who are local to me to know that the NHS Highland website advocates the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme here on their site and have some really good information for expectant parents!

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