I put off having children until the age of 36 because I was petrified of dying in childbirth. I’m now mum to two amazing boys.

You may well have an idea of what birth is, either from a past experience or from those awful videos they showed you at school – you know, with a close up of a vagina, a bed bound mum who is screaming at the top of her lungs. They were shown to us to scare us into not having sex early. They worked at scarring us as well as scaring us though! And thank goodness we have The Wise Hippo to change all that.

As a Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Teacher I teach hypnobirthing to expectant parents to help them feel empowered and excited about the actual labour process using the Wise Hippo birthing techniques.

I provide you with evidence based information about antenatal care and childbirth, and provide you with hypnosis tools and practical relaxation techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed to achieve the right birth on the day…whatever that looks like!

I REALLY BELIEVE that every woman can feel like a warrior when she gives birth, like I did with my first. We are in the most primal state we’ve ever been in during labour, and tapping into all that subconscious ancestral knowledge about how to trust our bodies and how to give birth. This is what I bring back into our consciousness when I teach the Wise Hippo Birthing Method.

I love to help expectant couples move from a state of fear around birth to feeling excitement and trusting their bodies and their babies. The Wise Hippo method focuses on everything that can go right. It helps you to realise that no matter what path your baby’s birth takes, you can feel empowered and have a positive birth experience which you can even ENJOY.


Neen Forder (and my Birth Partner and Hubby Simon)

Wise Hippo Birthing Programme Instructor
Olaf’s Birth (using Hypnobirthing)

I was petrified of dying in childbirth, so despite getting with my husband in 1997, marrying him in 2006...

Aragorn’s birth (not using Hypnobirthing)

Fastforward to 2020. Olaf announced “Mummy you have a baby in your tummy and it’s a boy” (psychic kid). And he was right...

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“We used Neen as our hypnobirthing teacher in the lead up to our daughter's birth in September, 2018. Neen is a very special person and her passion for hypnobirthing and positive birth shines out of her! She consistently made us feel relaxed, confident and excited about the arrival of our little girl. We would highly recommend Neen and her knowledge of hypnobirthing to anyone expecting a baby. She went above and beyond to answer our questions and ensure we were ready, and I can confidently say that we wouldn't have had such a beautiful birth experience without her”

Jess and Myrl